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Electrical Panel Upgrade

If modern-day energy demands are too high for your decades-old system, then you need an electrical service upgrade from Oran's Electric. Our licensed electrical contractors will provide you with superior expertise when performing your electrical panel replacement, and we'll have you back to enjoying the luxuries of modern technology without the electrical hiccups in no time. We've been in the business since 2007, so our electricians have the skills and know-how to troubleshoot your commercial or home electrical system and determine what kind of upgrade it needs. To learn more about what it takes to upgrade electrical service equipment on your property, call Oran's Electric today!

Oran's Electric - Fixing a PanelAs part of our service, Oran's Electric can:

  • Install new electrical panels
  • Upgrade from breakers to circuits
  • Repair existing panels
  • Upgrade electrical panels by adding services or breakers
  • Replace wiring between meter and panel

We're here to perform electrical panel upgrades on homes and businesses throughout the Van Nuys area. Our electricians will start by examining your commercial or home electrical system and locating the precise locations where your system displays inadequacies and strain. Our experts will then compare your current electrical system to your projected electrical needs and determine which electrical service upgrade can best support your energy demands. 

In addition to replacing electrical panels, Oran's Electric can also replace the wiring that runs between the panel and the utility meter, and any old cloth wiring. If needed, we can also replace your grounding system. These adjustments may seem like a hassle, but the benefits of these procedures far outweigh the initial cost of an electrical panel replacement. After your electric panel upgrade you will enjoy a safer property, reduced stress on your electrical infrastructure, and better performance from all of your appliances.

Upgrading Electrical Service With Total Accuracy

There is no electric panel upgrade job too big for our technicians. We have a great deal of experience when it comes to a variety of electrical needs, so we'll be able to upgrade electrical service panels at your home or business with impeccable precision. Whether you need a complete system change-out or a simple electric panel upgrade, we provide all of our customers with fully functional electric systems without the hazards of dangerous wiring or panel overloads. You can count on our accurate handiwork to keep your property safe and functional.

So if you’ve recently had a home theater installation and need some extra power, or you're restoring an older house that still has painfully outdated wiring, call Oran's Electric today. Our experts can answer all of your questions regarding electrical panel upgrade cost and procedure, and we'll further educate you on how this procedure can benefit your property.

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